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Solis Recruitment offers solutions for all of your recruitment needs! If you require something more bespoke, just get in touch!

We offer a range of services, so we can help businesses and budgets of all sizes.

We are transparent about our processes, fees, and expectations, with a view to build trust and create a positive and collaborative experience.

Whilst there are fees associated with using Solis Recruitment, it is often more cost-effective than conducting the hiring process in-house. Our expertise and resources can help streamline the process, reducing the time and labour required to find the right candidate. 

We distill years of industry expertise and recruitment experience and market knowledge, into tailored advice and support for each client. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, and providing a service that we can really be proud of.


Permanent Recruitment

Whether growing your team, or filling a gap, we can help. 

Our Specialists will work with you on every element of your hire, from the job description through to the interview process. Our consultative approach means that we provide support and advice, as well as top quality candidates. We understand the pressure to find the right personnel, and work with pace and efficiency to find suitable candidates for your operation.

We work with talented contractors and freelance professionals at all levels, across a range of disciplines.


Whether it's interim absence cover, or providing bespoke support on a particular project, we can help. We understand the urgency and the need for specialist skills when it comes to contract and freelance work. You need someone to hit the ground running, and you need them now!  We have a diverse and growing talent pool, ready to support your business needs. 

Contract & Freelance

Contract and Freelance Recruitment

Executive Search

Executive Search

With our strategic approach and dedicated service, we can find you the right hire for your organisation. One of our Specialists will be the lead on your project, and will work closely with you to ensure that we represent your vision and brand in finding your ideal hire. Essentially, they will act as an extension of your business.


We understand the challenges involved when hiring senior personnel, and our streamlined approach means that you save time and money, while we run this project for you. 

As part of this service, one of our Specialists will write an SEO optimised job description, and will advertise across all off our channels and across our talent pool.


You get the best of both worlds - you benefit from our extensive network and our channels, whilst still retaining autonomy, for a much lower cost. If you need recruitment support on a tight budget, this is the perfect option for you. 

CV Collect

CV Collection

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke recruitment projects

In need of recruitment support, but something more unique?


We work on bespoke projects, sometimes a mixture of other services and sometimes something new. We strive to support our clients however we can, and are always pleased to work on bespoke projects. Get in touch today, and share what you need. 

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