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Solis | Ecommerce Recruitment Specialists

Learn more about how we're helping agencies and retailers connect with specialist eCommerce talent  they need to grow.


Solis has partnered with Pureplay and Omnichannel retailers to source and recruit top eCommerce talent.

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Our approach to Ecommerce Recruitment

Whether you’re seeking a seasoned Head of Ecommerce, Marketplace Specialist, a proven Product Manager, or a transformative Chief Digital Officer, our recruitment process guarantees candidates with the skills, experience, and pedigree your eCommerce team wants and needs.

Use our eCommerce recruitment knowledge

With an understanding of an ever evolving ecommerce market broaden your access to talent through our recruiters 

Protect your reputation in candidate communities

In a market where candidates talk to each other, work with a recruiter that will represent your brand with integrity.

Dramatically improve time-to-hire metrics

Avoid wasting time on screening speculative applications. Acquire vetted candidate shortlists at pace.

Custom built ecommerce recruitment plan

We understand that there is no 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to building an ecommerce team, so we offer a tailored and bespoke service.

Make your recruitment more inclusive

Get access to more options to introduce DE&I recruitment best practices into your search in the pursuit of diverse talent.

Solving all of your digital recruitment challenges

 We'll keep you up to date with the latest in the recruitment industry, regularly providing you with market insight, we can help you build better ecommerce teams.

Our eCommerce Recruiting Process

1. Setting the Search Criteria
  • Define the ideal candidate

  • Write job description

  • Timelines

  • Role and Market fit

  • Creating a custom built ecommerce recruitment plan

Reccruitment Process 1
Reccruitment Process 2
3. Screening & Selection
  • Building a shortlist of candidates with the right experience, knowledge and expertise

  • Candidate pre-screen video interviews

  • Granting access to our Job Portal to drive efficiency

2. Sourcing the Talent
  • Advertising role

  • Searching our data

  • Social Media Searches

  • Promote role

  • Utilise our network

Reccruitment Process 3
5. Placement and Support
  • Helping support a smooth onboarding process

  • Regular check-ins to ensure everything has gone well

Reccruitment Process 4
4. Interview and Hiring
  • Advise on the selection process

  • Organise and diarise candidate interviews into schedule

  • Job offer

  • Clarify salary and benefits, working hours, contract length and start date

Why Partner with Solis?

Recruit faster
Our targeted headhunting approach and deep candidate networks allow you to start meeting candidates in as little as 5 business days.

Access hidden talent
Meet talent with the technical skills and eCommerce experience, who aren’t browsing job boards because they’re too busy excelling in their current jobs.

Bespoke & Tailored Services
We go the extra mile to understand your business and need. This allows us to thoroughly vet and qualify candidates, and we provide a rational why we feel they're great.

Ensuring a great experience
Recruitment has a bad rep. We want to be your no.1 partner by delivering a high quality service you would rave about! We want you to find the best eCommerce title and become your Recruitment Partner of choice.

Types of Businesses Solis supports

As a team with 8 years of specialized experience in eCommerce recruitment, Solis Recruitment has partnered with innovative startup brands, multinational corporations, and heritage brands seeking to expand their digital footprint. Our expertise spans a variety of industries, including beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle, luxury, jewelry, telecoms, SaaS, retail, and professional services.


We’ve successfully assisted businesses finding talent to cover projects such as setting up B2B/Wholsesale  portals, developing omni-channel propositions, migrating CMS's, and managing concessions and marketplaces. Our deep understanding of eCommerce operations and the talent required to deliver exceptional customer experiences sets us apart. We've also helped businesses recruitment for their eCommerce Marketing teams.

Our services span across key locations, including the UK's bustling hubs in London, the Midlands, and Manchester, as well as the thriving market in Dubai. We bring our expertise to these regions, helping you navigate the dynamic landscape of Ecommerce recruitment.

Areas of eCommerce we recruit in

 Head of Ecommerce and Ecommerce Directors will usually oversee the overall online retail strategy of a business, and at times the Omnichannel strategy. They are responsible for setting goals, managing budgets, and ensuring the success of the ecommerce operations. They often work closely with other departments or manage additional teams, including marketing, IT, customer service, and logistics, to optimize the online shopping experience.

Omnichannel Director's use multiple channels to provide customers a unified experience across all channels, whether it’s from in-store kiosks or other digital channels.

They will explore methods to increase channels through all avenues, building processes to create a consistent, customer-centric service across all channels/

Ecommerce Manager will oversee the look, feel and design of a website, working closely with either in-house development teams or 3rd party agency partners to build the right interface and structure which will suit the customer journey and drive sales. The aim is to make the online e-commerce system easy to use, speedy and secure

Digital Traders and Merchandisers: Trading professionals can cover a variety of areas from setting up online stores, curating and presenting product listing and descriptions on the ecommerce website to maximize sales and customer engagement. They use data and analytics to make informed decisions about product placement, pricing, and promotions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist: CRO specialists focus on improving the conversion rate of the ecommerce website. They conduct A/B testing, optimize website design and user experience, and utilise insights to design and implement strategies to increase the percentage of visitors who make a purchase.

Marketplace Specialists and Concession Manager's will look to drive eCommerce sales through 3rd party websites (Amazon, Ebay, Vinted, Depop etc...) or through retail partners. They will be responsible for pricing, promotions, branding and at time performance marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Analysts: Ecommerce analysts focus on data analysis and reporting. They use tools and metrics to track website performance, customer behaviour, and sales trends. Their insights help businesses make data-driven decisions to improve their ecommerce strategies.

Technical Ecommerce Specialist: Technical specialists are responsible for the technical aspects of an ecommerce website and project managing key updates and upgrades. They manage the platform, ensure website security, and oversee integrations with payment gateways and other third-party tools.

Digital Marketing Manager: Digital marketing managers create and execute marketing campaigns across various online channels, including social media, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and affiliate marketing, to drive traffic and sales to the ecommerce site.

Looking to hire?

We offer guidance on the market, salaries, and best practices to ensure you have a smooth hiring process. We create bespoke, flexible solutions that work for your specific requirements.

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